About the Duo

We are Allison and Jeff, a pair of homebodies who got to a point in life where we could either start the path of settling down or leave everything we’ve ever known behind and fling ourselves into the wild unknown.

We chose the latter.

We are not your usual candidates for long term travel.  Adventerousness is not our default state. We like routine and structure, predictability and order.

But as they say- growth doesn’t happen when you’re comfortable. (It’s a cliche because it’s true.)

And that is the reason we decided to leave behind the quiet, familiar life we had created in San Francisco, to see what happened when we get out of our comfort zone.

About Duo Abroad

We are interested in connection, authenticity, and the real side of the places we visit and we started Duo Abroad to connect with people looking for the same.

We have lived in a major tourist city and we know there is much more to a place than what’s listed in guide books. We are challenging ourselves to meet locals, try new foods, and spend time getting glimpses of daily life.

Sure we’ll end up doing some touristy activities and we’re not going to miss the major attractions, but we hope to provide insight into the little things that make the places we visit special.

Because, the internet doesn’t need another Best Attractions blog.

We use this space to share all aspects of our journey, from beautiful scenery to honest reviews to the heartfelt experience of being a long term traveler.

We started our trip looking for inspiration and we hope this blog helps you find some too, wherever you are.