Beach Daze

When we first got to Puerto Escondido, every restaurant, shop, and bar was playing a funny mix of classic rock, reggae, and elevator music covers of Michel Jackson songs (seriously so many of those). One night we popped into a bar that was playing a contemporary sounding song, in Spanish no less, and I was totally digging the vibe. But, no sooner than we ordered our drinks they changed it to Journey. 🙁

So since then, whenever I hear something that I haven’t heard before, I’ve been shamelessly opening up the Shazam app (does anyone still use that besides me?) and keeping track of it. It turns out the underlying vibe is a mix of coffee shop jazz and indie chill- the perfect soundtrack for sipping a corona on the beach and staring at the waves.

We’ve been listening to this non-stop as we soak up our last few days here at the beach. For my US friends, I hope this playlist gives you a last taste of summer as you’re moving into those cozy #fallvibes.